Thursday, 4 March 2010

Another award for Heather Kavan

Let's take one moment to acknowledge the success of a very good teacher and an extremely kind person: my former lecturer, Heather Kavan, has won yet another award, this one for speech-writing.

Heather is a very talented and intelligent lecturer, and one of the kindest and most helpful teachers I've had. Her specialty is speech-writing, and I've heard many students rave about her speech-writing class; I haven't taken that one, but I took one other class of hers, and it set me on the career path I'm on now. I can say, without any hyperbole, that without that paper, I would never have thought of choosing this career path, and I'm already so glad I have. Without it I'd no doubt still be drifting, unsure of what I really wanted to do, wanting to use my "skills" and degree in some nebulous way, and increasingly frustrated at my inability to find a practical career that I really think I'll be great at.

So thanks so much, Heather, and congratulations on yet another well-deserved award.

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