Friday, 18 September 2009

October: NZ Book Month

So here's the deal.

Next month (October) is New Zealand Book Month, and I want to show my support of Kiwi authors by buying some books. Problem is, I don't really know that many. So:

Whose books should I buy? Any recommendations? The only NZ-authored books I've really read have been Maurice Gee's children's books (many many years ago), some of Katherine Mansfield's short stories, the various Six Packs, The Sound of Butterflies by Rachael King, and nearly everything by the fantastic Juliet Marillier.

But I want to use New Zealand Book Month as an opportunity to discover some new fiction authors.

So what would you recommend? Mary McCallum's The blue? Eleanor Catton's The rehearsal? Emily Perkins' Novel about my wife?

I don't know that many New Zealand authors — or books. But I want to find out! So, please — if you have any recommendations, let me know.



Ruth, I have a better book on the Civil War.... Shades of Grey by Jessica is a great read ....I reviewed on my blog. Currently I am trying to read a Separate County and....

Avron said...

Philippa Ballantine ( has three published books with a fourth on the way next year. She also has a few podcasts of her own and contributes to others.
I don't know if you'll find her books easily though, I've only heard the podcast of "Chasing the Bard"

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Shelley Munro. She's a good friend and she writes great romances. Some of them are steamier than others, so read the book descriptions carefully. You'll find her (and buy links to her books) easily online.

Anonymous said...

Try Michele Powles' "Weathered Bones". Michele's the Director of New Zealand Book Month. Or, my personal favourite NZ novel from the 2008 crop, "Misconduct" by Bridget van der Zijpp.

Ruth said...

Thanks all, I appreciate the help! My local library is useless - it doesn't have ANY of the books/authors mentioned here.

KC: I hadn't heard of WEATHERED BONES before. Meant to read MISCONDUCT one day, though, and never got around to it - I'll have to check the local Whitcoulls and see if they've got any of those! :)

Susan: I hadn't even heard of Shelley Munro before, thanks for the tip! The local library doesn't stock any of her books, but hopefully my bookstore will be able to order some in. :)

Avron: Cheers! I know I've heard of Philippa Ballantine, although I can't remember where. I'll go check out her website now and see what I can see. :)