Tuesday, 4 September 2007

She's taken my car

She's gone.

With my car.

My car's gone and she's taken it with her.

I am so very worried and so very stressed. And unsure as to how I'm going to get to my upcoming job interviews, especially if it keeps raining like this.

I hope she drives safely and is back and happy with my car on Thursday!

And I hope she doesn't get lost — poor girl had to rely on my directions.

And I hope she remembers all my instructions. No alcohol in car, no drugs in car, no speeding, no food in car, if she gets a speeding ticket she pays for it, take the face-plate out every time she leaves the car, even if it's just at a rest-stop for two minutes, no drinks apart from water in car, no luggage left in backseat, no maps left in car, no bags left in car, nothing remotely valuable left in car, turn the lights off when leaving the car, fill up before leaving the Naki, no hitchhikers, no crashes, take the key out of the ignition when you leave the car (which she didn't do at the petrol station... OK, I was still in the car, but still!)....

I hope she's OK.

I'm worried.

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