Monday, 18 June 2007

Three years today

Exams are over. My first was good, second was OK, third was forgettable. But they're over — and a good reason to study harder next semester!

The third exam — history — went badly enough that instead of the post-exam relief I was expecting, I just felt worried. I made the unprecedented mistake of looking up stuff I'd talked about in the exam, and thus found out what a huge number of mistakes I'd made — misnaming a king, saying something happened in Spain which was actually in Italy, and so on... maybe I need to resign myself to just not doing well in history. It's interesting, but it's by no means my forte.

The morning after my last exam, I started stressing about all the stuff I've been putting off until "after exams". I have to complete Script Frenzy and a short story for the BNZ short story competition; I have to write letters to my sponsored child and my grandparents; and I have to, importantly, get a job. I have to get Dan a birthday present, visit Wellington, catch up with friends, take Kylie's car for a warrant..!

Script Frenzy and the short story are my biggest worries, since they have the strictest time limit. I almost wish I hadn't signed up for Script Frenzy. It's just a big waste of time. I don't want to write a screenplay, I never have, I probably never will; the only reason I signed up is because they needed an ML and now, as ML, I have a responsibility to complete it — otherwise I'll let my silent, unenthusiastic team down. I've tried getting them talking, but — nothing. Kinda given up on that now. It's just silly, posting messages and trying to rouse some (any) enthusiasm, when there's little or no response.

At least now I have an idea for my screenplay, thanks to Dan.

On the subject of Dan, today's our three-year anniversary... I'm so happy. I honestly thought, a while ago, that I would never find a guy who would put up with me even for one year (not to mention vice versa). I guess I've changed since then, though. Grown up a little bit.

Three years!

That's cool.

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