Thursday, 26 April 2007

You better believe it, baby

A+! Oh yeah... oh yeah... *does little dance* My first one! I'd resigned myself to getting a C in this paper (a history one) this semester, but after getting my first assignment back, I've changed my mind!

Not that I think, to be honest, that I deserved an A+. It was mostly well-written (although when I re-read it just now I saw a misplaced comma *shudders*) and carefully structured; but I forgot to include a sentence I should've included in my introduction, and the conclusion (on re-reading) brought in some new information which should've been brought in earlier than that. OK, when I say it like that it sounds like trivial errors, but they aren't! Especially the comma.

But out of my four assignments I've received back so far, I've received a B+, two A's and now an A+. Not too shabby — it really raises the bar, though. I'm so much more motivated to work harder on my upcoming assignments — I've got out books to research my topic and started taking notes already (it's due on 7 May; this is something I would normally do about 2-3 days before the assignment was due). I mean, if my next assignment gets a C+, which last year was a typical mark for me in history, it'll now be a big disappointment, and show I really didn't put much effort into that assignment. I have to do bigger and better! Or at least better, since that history assignment was nearly 200 words over the limit. Standards to uphold...

It's so exciting. I'm so proud of myself, which I normally shy away from being, but I feel I'm allowed to be proud in this case. I put effort in, I studied hard, I researched my topic well; and I got an even higher grade than I candidly admit I deserved.

A+! Woo yeah! You better believe it, baby!

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